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    Episode 451: February 9, 2019

    San Franciso by NadenaBrainwashed Radio: The Podcast Edition is live with episode 451

    Ten new tunes from Jan St. Werner feat. Mark E. Smith, Marisa Anderson & Tara Jane O'Neil, Pauline Oliveros / Stuart Dempster / Panaiotis, Big Blood, Sarah Davachi / Ariel Kalma, His Name Is Alive, Matt Jencik, Espers, iji, and Ian William Craig.

    Thanks to Nadena for the picture taken in San Francisco.

    NOW AVAILABLE through SPOTIFY and AMAZON (links below) in addition to the other platforms.

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    Forced Exposure New Releases for the week of 2/10/2020

    New music is due from Jan St. Werner w/Mark E. Smith, Kazuya Nagaya, and Simon Oslender, while old music is due from Jon Hassell/Farafina, Alice Coltrane, and John Fahey.


    Ana Roxanne, "~?~?~"

    cover imageI always love scavenging the internet for interesting end-of-year lists every December, as I invariably find a handful of great albums and films that I slept on like a fool.? In fact, a lot of those belated finds wind up being among my favorites, as the albums I miss tend to be inspired and refreshing departures from the labels and scenes that I usually follow.? This unusual debut album from LA’s Ana Roxanne was one such find from last year, as it surfaced back in March and I probably dismissed it instantly as a vinyl reissue of some private press New Age obscurity (if I noticed it at all).? Given both the look of the album and Roxanne's aesthetic, that is not a terribly outlandish conclusion to make, but a closer listen reveals that ~?~?~ is considerably more pelling and distinctive than it first appears.? For example, Roxanne checks two boxes that have historically been strong indicators of a radical positional approach: she both studied Hindustani singing in India and attended the fabled Mills College.? As a result, Roxanne has an unusually sophisticated understanding of harmony and avant-garde positional techniques for this stylistic milieu.? Such a path would normally steer an artist towards an Eastern drone/La Monte Young vein, yet Roxanne deftly sidesteps anything resembling a predictable path, as ~?~?~ can best be described as what might result if a mermaid studied with Eliane Radigue: drone-based minimalism that evokes a soft-focus idyll of lapping waves and floating, angelic voices.


    "Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu - Somalia 1972?-?1991"

    cover image

    It is difficult for me to imagine Analog Africa ever releasing a predictable or uninspired pilation, as Samy Ben Redjeb seems fundamentally incapable of ever focusing his attention on a scene or place that has already been anthologized by his crate-digging peers.? Mogadisco is predictable in one regard though, as Redjeb makes his return to the African continent after Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amaz?nia's surprise detour into Brazil.? Characteristically, however, Redjeb swims against the tide, as he decided to go digging in one of the world's most dangerous and tourist-unfriendly places after seeing a video about the Radio Mogadishu archives.? A less driven person would have been immediately put off by the need to have an armed escort every single time he went outside, but that is the difference between Redjeb and everyone else: if he heard that there was a killer record hidden at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, he would either find a way to get to it or die trying.? As usual, Redjeb's efforts yielded some genuinely wonderful finds, though this latest batch of long-forgotten and obscure gems is not quite as rhythmically unique as those on other Analog Africa collections.? Fortunately, most of these artists managed to achieve a distinctive character in other ways.? Analog Africa's hot streak remains unbroken.


    Big Blood, "Deep Maine"

    cover image

    I was starting to get a little worried about Big Blood, as they went almost all of 2019 without releasing any new music.? Thankfully, however, they were just quietly amassing material for not one but TWO new albums to be released in rapid succession.? The first of the pair is this one, a self-released duo recording that surfaced digitally at the end of December.? Obviously, they chose to give the more rocking family affair Do You Want to Have A Skeleton Dream? the more high-profile release, but that does not necessarily mean that that album got all the best songs.? In fact, there are a couple of absolutely beautiful pieces on this more modest, stripped-down and fitfully ballad-centered release.? Consequently, I have no doubt that there will someday be a deluxe reissue in Deep Maine's future, as it certainly deserves it.? Until then, however, "A Message Sent" is an instant classic no matter which format it appears in.


    Daniel Menche, "Melting Gravity"

    cover imagepared to his last release on the SIGE label, the three CD Sleeper, Melting Gravity is a much tighter affair:? a single LP with two side-long pieces.? Unsurprisingly then, Menche stays more stylistically focused, and surprisingly creates some of the most musical sounding work yet.? Most definitely not a full on noise work, but also more varied and dynamic than his more ambient works, it is yet another unique work from one of the most unique artists currently active.


    Celer, "Future Predictions"

    cover imageExplaining why one Celer album is significantly better than another is no simple task, as Will Long is generally an extremely consistent artist who has released a huge volume of warmly lovely, loop-based ambient drone albums.? Consequently, it is dangerously easy to take his artistry for granted, as a casual listener would not be crazy for finding a lot of Celer's oeuvre relatively interchangeable.? From my perspective, however, Celer can be viewed as Long's tireless and Romantic quest to conjure up fragments of melody so achingly sublime that they can be looped into infinity.? In that regard, Long has rarely e closer to realizing that dream than he does on Future Predictions.? These four lengthy positions capture Long at the absolute peak of his powers, resulting in the rarest of achievements: a 2+ hour album that leaves me wanting more and regularly inspires me to start it all over again as soon as it ends.


    2019 Readers Poll: The Results

    Thanks again to everyone who participated in the nomination and voting rounds of this year's annual readers poll.

    All the best wishes for 2020!


    Vaughan Oliver, 1957-2019

    It is impossible to estimate the impact Vaughan Oliver had on the importance of the intersection between music and visual arts. Throughout his years at 23 Envelope, Oliver was responsible for the artwork and art direction of most 4AD releases along with Chris Bigg. While based in the UK, 4AD had the occasional support of radio, magazines, and promotional campaigns but overseas, most people had only the record cover artwork to go on. The stunning visuals of the 4AD catalog were enough to stop, pause, and appreciate while flipping through records down at the local shop. Over the years of the music industry downsizing, graphic downsizing, and rise of digital media and international munication, album cover art became less of a factor with music. The vinyl renaissance over the last few years, however, have sparked a renewed appreciation for art and Vaughan Oliver is often at the tops of everyone's lists of artists.

    4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell has paid tribute at 4AD..

    Our hearts go out to Vaughan's friends and family. He will be sorely missed.


    Envenomist/Murderous Vision, "Liminal Presence", Murderous Vision, "Surface Bone"

    cover image With these two new releases recorded and released in 2019, Stephen Petrus's long running noise/death industrial/ambient/whatever project continues to be productive and constantly evolving, demonstrating his wide array of influences and talents.? Here are two distinctly different sounding discs, one a shared release with fellow dark synth fan David Reed (also a member of Nightmares), and the second featuring Murderous Vision in duo configuration with the addition of Jeff Curtis on bass.? Each of the discs are remarkable, and exemplify just how much versatility there is in Petrus's work.


    The Eye: Video of the Day


    YouTube Video

    read more >>>

    Review of the Day

    This Will Destroy You, "Another Language"

    cover imageFor their fourth studio album, this Texan bo retains their guitar-centric post-rock approach but expands more into abstraction and dissonance amongst these nine instrumental positions.? Shades of shoegaze and electronic ambient pepper the pieces, but the TWDY do an exceptional job at making sure the record is one that is impossible to easily categorize.

    read more >>>

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